August 23, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Hopsital - Menora - Oy Vey!

Maybe, there's been a bit too much emphasis on Perth's abandoned schools, TAFE colleges, hospitals, warehouses, hotel/motels, power stations, and federation era buildings lately on this blog. Maybe not - abandoned buildings are just SO good.

In any case, the latest installment here is an entire abandoned hospital, located in Menora - Perth's Jewish heartland, and suburb of death. Surrounding the hospital are blocks and blocks of apartments and small villas. Formerly a retirement village, the whole area is now in the process of demolishment. These photos were taken literally moments before the demolition crew got to work.

As far as architecture goes, I did take a drive to Guilderton yesterday, to take photos of a suspected Iwan Iwanoff beach-side house. These stylish chairs would have looked perfectly at home on the front deck, overlooking the ocean.

As with the Abandoned Campus of Death, it was like the old Jewish folks just got up and left. Plenty of paper work and hospital records remained. I was told by the helpful demolition artists that their first job was to securely destroy all paperwork.

Mornin' Ralph. Hello Sam.

Plenty of dark hall ways to explore.

Not too much in the way of graffiti, this place was very abandoned.

Plenty of equipment remained (now gone). Beds, TV's, machinery, ovens, and most remarkable of all, in this Jewish wasteland - a cash register.

You vant I should clean the floor? Oy Vey!

The organ was cool, as were the anodised 1950's bedside lamps.

Just think of the meals that would have been served under these lids. Matzah Ball soup and bagels spring to mind. According to the IFOCE (International Federation of Competitive Eating), Joey Chestnut holds the record for eating Matzah Balls. 78 in 8 minutes. Nice job, Joey Chestnut.

Oh yeah, the black and white thing? Well, the place looked so much nicer in B&W. Rat-bait is green, blood is red, and well, lets just leave it at that.

August 17, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Hopsital of Doom in the Jewish Suburb of Death (teaser)

In a wealthy Perth inner city suburb, full of herculoidian Iwan Iwanoff houses, lays the abandoned Hospital of Doom. The year, was, 24th of November, 1995. Three billion human lives ended on that day. The survivors of the nuclear fire called that day, Judgement Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against - the Machines.

The halls echoed with ghostly voices - "I need your clothes, your motorcycle, and your wallet".

You think you're alive and safe, but you're already dead! Everybody! You, him,'re all fucking dead. You're the one living in a dream, Silberman, not me! Because I know it happens! IT HAPPENS!

More on Perth's abandoned Hospital of Doom in the Jewish Suburb of Death, soon.

August 11, 2009

Perth - More Laneways, and "Craning" its the Latest Craze for Perth's Impetuous Youth.

Take a look at the next two photos. What do they have in common? When I received this in my email, my first reaction was "are you shitting me?". The top photo was taken by a regular visitor to this site, I'm sure he will comment below. Whatup, V!

Totally inspiring. The cranes below are known amongst craners as the "Four Kings". Similar to the drive of a mountain climber, Perth's "craners" just want to bag another summit. V has done them all. Whilst I can't condone this behaviour, I can't also not not condone this behaviour. That should get me off the legal hook. One more thing, before we move on, I would not not like to see any copy-cat photos emailed to me. I mean, I really, really, would not not hate to see people doing this sort of stuff on a regular basis. Just don't not do it!

For those that need clarification, yes, the first photo was taken from one of the cranes in the second photo. The photo matter *is* one of the cranes in the second photo.

Back to Perth's lane-ways. I prefer to call them alley-ways, it sounds dirtier. Another great CBD location. The following four photos are all from the same alley, it is seriously in the absolute middle of the CBD. The potential of all of these locations is astounding. M-ust---re-sist--com-par--is---on--to-MEL---BOURNE!!!

Also, I recommend not not sitting down in the peace and quiet of that space, and not not enjoying a nice alcoholic beverage.

One more from Condor Car Park, word is that some residents have actually moved in.

Harry Seidler's QV1 doesn't really fit in to this post. But, fuck it, its the best tower in Perth, and looks at its best at night, in winter. The sun has gone down, the office lights are on, and the busy little workers are still pumping out memos, papers, and tps reports, instead of, well, something better.

For the outsiders (people from overseas or interstate, and people north of Walcott St), the last photo shows an insight into the business premises slightly north of the CBD. Not much to be said, it just looks great at night. The trading hours of this den of iniquity are an example to service providers everywhere. For the locals, keep Pier St in mind next time you are looking for a late-night ATM - trust me, its the only one in this neighbourhood.

August 2, 2009

Iwan Iwanoff, Artist - Three More of Perths Best Houses, plus, Amok and Abandoned in Northbridge

Iwan Iwanoff was prolific. Lucky Perth. This modernist piece is located in the inner-city garden suburb of Coolbinia. Perths Best Architecture has covered this one recently, if you haven't checked the site, you should. Over there, its all about architecture. Over here, well, just look at the "labels" list for this blog. This may be the Flaumen residence, 1965. Sources sketchy on that one.

This is purely for juxtapositional purposes. Northbridge delivery truck.

Now this one, kills two birds with one stone. There's a nice flow from the last photo, and Harry Seidlers QV1 in the background will take me from this tangent, and back to another Iwanoff.

We're back. Yes. Another Iwanoff residence. I found out about this one, from an anonymous comment left here. Thanks, Anonymous person. Dalkeith Iwanoff. Year and name, unknown to me. Probably mid 60's. However, it should be said that these houses hurt me. Really, it actually hurts.

As my colleague said today "what the fuck do you think the posty said when he came across this for the first time?". The art of the letter box. Iwanoff was clearly as much artist as architect.

Back in the epicentre of Iwanoff terriory - Dianella. AKA Iwanella, home to many, many Iwanoffs, such as the utterly spectacular Masala House. The Feldman House, 1968, predated Masala by 6 years. Great detail, as usual, starting with the letter box, and finishing off with a good dash of Mike Brady. Fantastic.

Winter in Perth.

So, there we have it. Three more Iwanoff buildings, taking the total on this site, to twenty five. Very prolific! I'm sure there are more Iwanoff's to come. (wink).

In the meantime, it could have been another abandoned building post, but really, it was sunny outside, so I stopped right here. William St, Northbridge.

Just across the street was much better. Dutch artist Amok, from Amsterdam, home of, well, everything good, has been busy with the locals. His international flavor on William St, Northbridge, adds nicely to the pallet already on offer. Thanks Amok, thanks locals. Panoramic picture, click for the full version.