August 17, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Hopsital of Doom in the Jewish Suburb of Death (teaser)

In a wealthy Perth inner city suburb, full of herculoidian Iwan Iwanoff houses, lays the abandoned Hospital of Doom. The year, was, 24th of November, 1995. Three billion human lives ended on that day. The survivors of the nuclear fire called that day, Judgement Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against - the Machines.

The halls echoed with ghostly voices - "I need your clothes, your motorcycle, and your wallet".

You think you're alive and safe, but you're already dead! Everybody! You, him,'re all fucking dead. You're the one living in a dream, Silberman, not me! Because I know it happens! IT HAPPENS!

More on Perth's abandoned Hospital of Doom in the Jewish Suburb of Death, soon.


Anonymous said...

Where is this place???

bella said...

Hi Love your work. amazing job. it is now 2012 so i hope your enjoying your travels. im in japan at the moment and buddy dont you wish you were here. 4 days ago i found an abandonded shrine in the middle of the forrest here. will have pictures up soon. but id love to know if this is in coolbinia, perth?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

is this place still there????

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