July 20, 2009

Perth's Best Art Gallery - Condor Carpark

First, a little history on the "Condor" tower. The St Georges Terrace apartments are built on the site of a former office building. Unfortunately, for the tenants-to-be, some have been waiting since 2003 to take ownership of their new abodes. Unfortunately, the lobby appears to have been designed by either Crocket, or Tubs. Probably Crocket. Unfortunately, the copper clad front door is easily the worst looking thing on the Terrace (why do I feel a need to insert a Patty Chong joke here, this isn't theworstofperth.com).

Importantly, when the building finally opens, it will help solve the residential crisis in the Perth CBD. We have a serious lack of CBD residents. That, is a more serious a problem than the annual pre new-years drug shortage, and the lack of a Jamaican jerk restaurant anywhere in the metro area, combined.

Fortunately for the new owners, the car park has been given the full treatment. This is currently the best permanent display of artwork in Perth. Saturday night (July 25th 2009), it will be open to the public. I would link the Facebook invite, but seriously, fuck Facebook.

Enjoy the carpark, and think of the residents who, sadly at this point in time - can't.

Stormie, you are dark and mysterious. No you're not. But you do paint very well.

There really is a LOT of coverage down here. The car park is about 6 or 7 split levels.

Amongst the hundreds of artworks on display, I enjoyed these trucks the most.

Ironlak. Its aussie for paint.

Background piece incorporating the lift button and display.

Is it just me, or does everybody love Kate Moss.

I watched the artist finishing this picture the day before, he was *censored* a nice *censored* as he painted. He kept looking around, as I admired his work. I'm sure he thought I was not in approval of his *censored*. Sure, I've *censored* a *censored* or two. You know, a *censored*. But I never forget what Harry J Ainslinger, America's first drug Czar, had to say on the matter: "You a *censored* a *censored*, and you're likely to kill your brother". Uh-huh.

Dogs, parachutes, and umbilical cords. Sweet.

I enjoyed this dark and raw corner of sub-basement six, as-is.

Trevor, you are officially the most covered artist in my blog.

Does this beast have two brains? If so, cool. If not, that's messed up.

This really is an amazing car park. I commend everyone involved. As far as the artists go, I would be more than happy to edit this post to give credit to those where its due. Comment away.

I should mention, this building is the one with the enormous green stripe visible from the North of the city. Go down, take a look around, and think of the poor future residents. This time next year, they may actually be moving in.


Anonymous said...

Please mate... where is it?

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