June 30, 2009

Perth - Another Abandoned School, plus Northbridge Krispy Kreme site bonus pics

The old warehouses on the future site of the Northbridge Krispy Kreme Megaplex (read about it in the last post) are all but gone. A few more photos, simply to document what was, formerly, a great city art gallery. One day, I should visit a "real" gallery. I heard there was one in Perth somewhere.

Even the demolition equipment had met with the interior designers.

Yet another abandoned Perth school. I now know for sure, nobody is thinking of the children. Won't SOMEBODY think of the children? This one was fairly untouched, perhaps due to the motion sensitive alarm system that is currently active. Honey - just hold my tripod whilst I jump through this half broken window into the abandoned classroom? Yes dear. WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! I hadn't even got both feet inside the building. One large sledge-hammer later, I could explore at leisure.

This shot shows most of the school. A few buildings in total, perhaps 10 or so classrooms, all in a serene location in the burbs south of the city.

I call this one "blue chair". Its a surrealist in-joke.

The old classrooms. These days, with the invention of Google and Wikipedia, schools aren't actually necessary. This school probably closed down due to lack of broadband in the area. Or maybe it was the asbestos.

Bonus Northbridge warehouse photo - the main east-wing gallery. Its panoramically large, so click on it, especially if you're on dial-up (which 1.4% of my visitors are).

June 25, 2009

Northbridge - New Developments in Abandoned Realestate - and Krispy Kreme in Perth?

The Northbridge abandoned warehouse looks even better now, as at June 26th 2009. Pity, by the time you have read these words, it will be gone forever. This photo was taken from the outside, showing a CBD reflection of the Bankwest Tower on the remaining glass. Shortly, the site will be used for a new Northbridge police station. Initially, it is anticipated that donut sales will go through the fucking roof on James St. The current rumour eventually sees the Krispy Kreme chain opening in Perth for the first time on the ground floor, with the 2nd, 4th, and 5th floors featuring smaller Krispy Kreme outlets, similar to those of many airports. I love cops!

June 19, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Buildings Part 4 - Northbridge - Perth's best neighbourhood

Northbridge is the most diverse and vibrant neighbourhood in the entire City of Perth. Everything it is lacking, is a good thing. Franchise fast-food outlets, and police presence, for example. Its Perth's most walkable neighborhood. You don't need a car - everything you desire is within a 5 minute walk. Yes, everything - from rice crackers to heroin. Fortunately, not having a car, you will come across sites like this one - formerly a luxury and imported car yard, it is now an abandoned collection of warehouses. Home to artists, junkies, and people generally just taking a nap before heading home from a hard night out on the sauce.

The Jaguar sign is still present. A German tourist is caught taking photo's. Adolf, 34, from Berlin, was very impressed with the skills of local "innenarchiteckts", or "interior designers".

CBD views. This should give locals an idea where this abandoned structure is. The "Northbridge Link", a project slated to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, will take place immediately in front of this building. Finally, the railway will be transformed to subway, and the City will rejoin Northbridge, making some kind of futuristic "super CBD".

Bonus artwork photo.

June 11, 2009

Perth - Its not entirely an abandoned brutal wonderland after-all

Perth Skyline, July 2009. This photo is here for a few reasons. Mainly, the overseas visitors are starting to think Perth is pretty much a collection of abandoned buildings, cranes, and architecture that appears to be from the mind Mike Brady channelling the spirit of Zandor (protector of Amzot/Quasar, Leader of the Herculoids). No, unfortunately, Perth is not all meth-labs and abandoned school campuses. Despite how amazing the collective skyline appears, ironically, our collective financial conservatism leads to a pedestrian level experience of a fairly bland collection of buildings. We should of had it all by now. What we do have, is abandoned warehouses on the very rim of the CBD. 

More on this one, soon.

June 7, 2009

Perth's Abandoned Buildings - Campus of Death

An entire campus, abandoned for years, in the middle of Perth's northern suburbs. A restaurant, library, lecture theatre, scores of classrooms and other buildings. VCR's, band-saw with the wood-shavings still on, film projectors, electronic equipment, cash, and miscellaneous office furnishings. A state of suspended animation - everyone just got up and left. Won't somebody think of the children?

June 3, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Buildings Part 3 (teaser)

Perth tries to make sure it has at least one of everything. One tunnel. One stadium.  One main street. Our fast growing population is relatively small (1.6 million, of which 27 currently live in the CBD) - but we want, and normally manage to get, at least one of everything. Perth has another iconic singularity -  one abandoned educational campus, covering nearly 8 hectares, decaying in the middle of the city's northern burbs. The entire collection of buildings, camouflaged by bush-land, is barely visible from the roads surrounding it. Hello! Zombie film makers! Earmarked for demolition, this spectacular site is simply too good to be true. 

Campus in decay - part one (of one), soon.

(reminder - all photos linked to larger versions)