May 11, 2011

Perth : Perth Entertainment Centre - Abandoned Stadium

I don't know how he did it. I'm telling you, that was the best rice I have ever eaten. There's a whole other side to the dish, sure. Fuck that was some tasty rice. Semi-transparent, glistening, aldente, and with chicken as well, I put it up there as probably the best meal I have ever eaten. Three bucks. Airfare to Singapore is under four hundred, if you plan ahead. Four hundred and three dollars, for the best meal of my life? I'd pay that tomorrow. But, this is more a Bangkok story. Singapore, has it's charms. Like a nerd cousin. I don't mind nerds. Some nerds. A few nerds. Anyway, that's Singapore. Bang-kok. Bangkok is like the cousin you wanted to visit when you were a kid. The one that lived near a space invader cocktail machine, at the squash courts down the road. There was going to be a point here, something about abandoned stadiums. Perth Entertainment Centre? Abandoned? Three hours in the P-E-C, and memories come flooding back. Gigs, movies, ALVA skate team, b-ball, circus, beer. I'm still giddy. This adventure, well it felt like a swan song. The photo's, a last waltz. Perth's greatest ever abandoned building, is moments from it's final lament. For just a few hours, the amazing Perth Entertainment Centre gave me one last magnificent performance. Truly, a Perth icon that will never be forgotten.

Bonus number of photos this time, let the memories roll. 36 shots, old school.