March 28, 2010

Perth : West Perth Abandoned Mechanics Workshop, Straight from Kuala Lumpur

More of Perth's abandoned buildings, this time in the shit-eating corporate wanker district of West Perth. Once an art-deco era mechanics workshop, the complex now lays abandoned. Much like a klang valley hooker, the interior space sports a great, if messy, interior makeover. Ironically, this post comes to you from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. All the photos here are taken with an old-school film camera. The roll of film had a use-by-date of 1987, I shot the photos about 4 weeks ago, and the film was just processed here, today, in Kuala Lumpur. Whitey ratio, off the scale. Yellow fever, setting in nicely.

March 7, 2010

Perth: William Street Revival - EPRA - Northbridge Link - Abandoned Perth

EPRA, congratulations, you get Northbridge. No franchises for William Street. Although my predictions about the Death of Northbridge by 2015 are looking a bit shakey, I stand by my 2025 prediction of a Terminator scenario, and my 2035 prediction, that being the year humans realise they have been living in the Matrix for at least the last thousand years. Yes, from now on, I will refer to EPRA as Duke, the King of Perth, A-Number-One. SAY IT! EPRA YOU'RE THE DUKE OF PERTH A-NUMBER ONE!