April 24, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand : Abandoned Skyscraper - Sathorn Unique Aint Worth Shit Yo

Abandoned skyscraper, Bangkok, Thailand. Fifty levels, of abandonded skyscraper. Wood flooring installed, bathroom suites connected, wiring, plumbing, fire safety systems, all done. Prime realestate on the river-bank downtown, with spectacular views. The "Sathorn Unique" was to be one of Bangkok's most exclusive residential developments. Like many other sites, constuction was abandoned during the asian financial crisis of the late 90's. As with food, Asian's do financial crisis's way better than us whiteys. How many skyscrapers were abandoned during the recent GFC? None. Think about it. Standing on a fifity level, almost completed skyscaper, some Thai guy says "fuck it man, lets just go eat some fried chicken. Yo! Kasit, Suthep, Sui Min...drop your helmets bitches! We're gettin' the fuck out of here! This building aint worth shit yo".

April 13, 2010

Bangkok, Thailand : Abandoned Skyscraper Complex, Lieutenant Snake Plissken, Special Forces Unit

Bangkok, Thailand. Three towers, each almost forty stories high. One huge abandoned skyscraper development. Next door, another tower, another thirty or so levels of abandoned skyscraper. Down the street, another skyscraper appears to be, well, abandoned. No security present. Not even a fence. Just walk right in. There were roaming packs of wild dogs on levels 6, 7, and 8. Nothing a big stick couldn't take care of. This is Terminator and Escape from New York rolled into one. Pig, meet shit.