December 27, 2012

Bangkok Thailand : Don't Be Alarmed, You Probably Won't Die

Update. I'm currently in the heart of Western Europe, in the country of The Netherlands. It's cold, it's dark, and as a result, fireworks and weed are readily available. However, I now find myself constantly dreaming of warmer destinations. Of all the tropical paradises I have spent my days in, there's only one that is planted firmly at the top of my thoughts. Thailand. It's a magical place. A very special place. A warm and soft place known for far more, than just ping pong balls. 

December 4, 2012

Asians and Bacon Make Everything Better

October 1, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - You Should Be Here

The hotel is booked for Tehran, Iran. This holiday is about to really step into the unknown. But, for the last two weeks or so, my home has been Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. One of the worlds great cities, and a personal South East Asian favourite of mine. For you citizens of Perth, Kuala Lumpur really should be high on your list of holiday destinations. It's only a five hour flight away, and in the same time zone (no jet-lag). Airline fares are competitive. Hotels are cheap. Food is a ridiculous bargain. Hey, this is shaping up to be the first useful post on 6000TIMES since the Iwanoff series Let's call it "KL on a budget, the 6000TIMES guide to a week's holiday in KL".WTF?.

September 30, 2012

Luxury Travel Blogging

My distance from Perth grows greater - geographically  and within my own mind. The 6000TIMES blog, is being forced to grow equally further from Perth. I have little choice now, but to blog about things other than Perth. It won't be a "travel" blog - I'm not going to pigeon-hole what I will write about here. And if it were to become a "travel blog", it would be a lot close to budget than to luxury. It may even be anti-luxury. One thing I can guarantee, it won't be a "mommy blog". Yes, that's a real thing.

September 6, 2012

Sydney - Is This Australia's Greatest City? Update: Probably.

I left Perth. I've been gone six weeks so far. Today, I'm on the other side of Australia. In Sydney - Australia's only truly international city. Before I talk about Sydney, a summary of what's going on. I mentioned last post, that this blog has never been about me, it's always been about Perth. Well, that may need to change slightly. Since I'm not in Perth, for now. Maybe not for a while...

July 26, 2012

Perth Street Photography - Photos From The Mean Streets

Perth Street Photography - Photos From The Mean Streets ...of Perth

This is a departure from the standard post. Not that there has ever been any kind of "standard" post on 6000TIMES. Street photography is one of my hobbies. In between eating chicken rice, checking out graffiti, exploring abandoned buildings, or drooling over mid-century architecture, you could find me out on the streets of Northbridge, capturing the people that make up this city. It makes for some interesting interactions.

January 17, 2012

Perth CBD Waterfront Redevelopment - 10 Reasons I Don't Give a Shit, and Nor Should You

The Perth CBD Waterfront Development. Hate it or hate it, it's coming. Maybe. Chalk-lines are on the ground. AM radio talk-back switchboards are running hot. It's time you, as a proud citizen of Perth, took a personal stand to not give a shit. Presenting : Perth Waterfront - 10 Reasons I Don't Give a Shit, and Nor Should You.