January 28, 2010

Abandoned Stadium - Perry Lakes Stadium, Perth

Abandoned Stadium. Perry Lakes, Perth, Western Australia. Built 1962 for the Commonwealth Games. Abandoned, and very soon to be demolished. The entire stadium with all buildings may have disappeared by the time you read this, replaced with what seems to be a more suburban version of the redeveloped Subiaco. Wassup town planners? Its practically the future already! 20,000 residents with a gondola shuttle service? Its 2010 RIGHT NOW. DO YOU REALISE, IN BACK TO THE FUTURE II, the "FUTURE" WAS 2015! Think about that. Five years to go, and its the future...

January 22, 2010

Restaurant Review : Good Fortune Roast Duck House, Northbridge. Plus, Abandoned Sail Factory Photo Tour

Good Fortune Roast Duck restaurant, William Street, Northbridge. An institution. However, during a recent visit, something terrible happened to me. I feel so dirty. So ashamed. So... so... white. I ordered the boneless roast duck with noodles, and an extra serving of choy sum. Its a great lunch time treat. Always delivered to the table quickly. This time,  something was wrong. Very wrong. Trinny and Susannah wrong. Although I am finding it difficult just remembering the experience, I have to write it down here, you know, to let it out, and move on with my life. Yes, I got the dreaded - Guilo Special. AKA the whitey deluxe. No duck sauce. No plum sauce. Am I really, just another Guilo?

January 10, 2010

Old Swanbourne Hospital - Abandoned Mental Crazy People's Hospital : Photo Tour

Swanbourne Abandoned Hospital, 1904. Formerly, Claremont Mental Hospital. Since 1987, abandoned. This is an amazing collection of buildings, another vivid example of Perth's urban decay. Montgomery Hall is the most impressive structure of the group, a classically proportioned space, akin to the internal courtyard at the abandoned Treasury Building on St Georges Terrace. But this abandoned building, is hidden in the burbs. Heavy ceiling detailing is balanced perfectly with high windows on the east and west sides of the hall, natural light bathing the interior. After the Menora based abandoned Jewish Hospital (Oy Vey!) featured here, I was surprised to find Perth had another abandoned hospital. Read on, for a photo-tour of one of Perth's little known heritage gems.

Hey, can I just mention one thing? If you are interested in improving your skills with the camera, I should point out that I have a secret weapon. I talk all about it here. Cheers.

January 7, 2010

Northbridge : Is Perth's Best Suburb Dead Already?

Say goodbye to Northbridge. Well, the Northbridge as you know it. If you think Northbridge is scary in 2010 (it isn't), fast forward to 2015, just five years from now. There are now plenty of new restaurants - The Sizzler has opened up in the disused DV8 nightclub, the Krispy Kreme Mega-plex is finally up and running. Wok-In-A-Box is in the same location that Billy Lee's Chinese Restaurant formerly occupied -  the increased rents in Chinatown forced a move out to the burbs (north of Walcott St). Finally, the Butcher Shop, one of the first William St tennants in the new revival of Perth's best street, called it a day. That spot is now Witchery for Men, right next door to Perth's first Baby Giordano...

January 5, 2010

Whitey's Guide to Dim Sum (Yum Char) - Beginner to Pro in 3 Minutes

Dim Sum is absolutely the breakfast, brunch, or lunch of champions. In a world where Chinese food is now ubiquitous, strangely, a lot of people have not experienced Dim Sum. Reactions from the new players range from "its too slimy, I just don't like the texture" through to, "its too fried and crispy, I just don't like the texture". Uh huh. When you plunge in with a bit of knowledge, or tag along with a Dim Sum regular, the reaction is almost universally similar. A clear sense that you have just discovered a new meal that will stay with you, for life. So, read on, for the Whiteys Guide to Dim Sum - Beginner to Pro in Three Minutes.