June 30, 2009

Perth - Another Abandoned School, plus Northbridge Krispy Kreme site bonus pics

The old warehouses on the future site of the Northbridge Krispy Kreme Megaplex (read about it in the last post) are all but gone. A few more photos, simply to document what was, formerly, a great city art gallery. One day, I should visit a "real" gallery. I heard there was one in Perth somewhere.

Even the demolition equipment had met with the interior designers.

Yet another abandoned Perth school. I now know for sure, nobody is thinking of the children. Won't SOMEBODY think of the children? This one was fairly untouched, perhaps due to the motion sensitive alarm system that is currently active. Honey - just hold my tripod whilst I jump through this half broken window into the abandoned classroom? Yes dear. WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! I hadn't even got both feet inside the building. One large sledge-hammer later, I could explore at leisure.

This shot shows most of the school. A few buildings in total, perhaps 10 or so classrooms, all in a serene location in the burbs south of the city.

I call this one "blue chair". Its a surrealist in-joke.

The old classrooms. These days, with the invention of Google and Wikipedia, schools aren't actually necessary. This school probably closed down due to lack of broadband in the area. Or maybe it was the asbestos.

Bonus Northbridge warehouse photo - the main east-wing gallery. Its panoramically large, so click on it, especially if you're on dial-up (which 1.4% of my visitors are).


dilaz said...

Ha. I used to live in that suburb where the school is. Pity you didn't go down there circa 06 as it was a whole suburb full of houses with no one living in them.

BTW there is another abandoned school further up Rockingham road on the western corner of russell road called south coogee.

jimmy said...

how about a treasure map if you know what I mean...
email me

Anonymous said...

Wattleup Primary no longer exists. There's nothing there but the faint outline of a sandpit, a piles of bitumen (basketball court?), chunks of limestone and a few parking bays on the side street. Absolutely nothing worth seeing now.

Anonymous said...

Im looking for a new site for my school. We are a very small school but need a new site in the Caversham area. Does anyone know of anything that would be suitable?

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