May 2, 2009

Iwan Iwanoff - 21 Buildings - Now Showing - The Schenberg House

The windows on the Iwan Iwanoff designed Schenberg House, Floreat, 1962, are incredible. As usual, the attention to detail, and unique innovations like these window vents, make an Iwanoff stand out - a cut above even in Floreat, an area full of houses The Incredibles would be proud to move into.  

I have begun to take photos for the next part of this blog. For now, I will remain on the Perth architectural tip, predominately 60's and 70's, but say goodbye to Mike Brady. If you haven't already checked, April this year  6000times showed 20 more Iwanoff buildings. Coming soon - prepare to be BRUTALISED.


Anonymous said...

OK freaky, first comment, but I was lucky enough to view one of his houses in menora and it was amazing.. what I didnt know was that the house Id been eyeing off in Dianella was also one of his.. just goes to show you like what you like..and you cant help what you love!

Anonymous said...

this house made me want to become an architect....and i did

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