April 28, 2009

Iwan Iwanoff - Honorary Herculoid and Perth Architect - Six More Examples

City Beach is a nice area. Blue Indian Ocean views abound. Fresh air.  Short drive to the city. Swather of  modernist homes from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. Eyes on the road! Nestled in former sandy hills, Iwan Iwanoff produced some amazing abodes in Perth's western suburbs. Tombidis House, Wembley Downs, 1972.

Like many other Iwanoff's, the entrance is grand, and the letter-box is from Amzot - home of The Herculoids. What came first, this house, or the Herculoids? Anyone?

A Japanese punk band named "Mach Pelican", who lived in Perth for a while, had song about City Beach. I am sure Toshi san would have enjoyed visiting the next two houses, located in the songs name-sake suburb. No, I am not going to write the Japanese pronunciation of City Beach. Wright House, City Beach, 1975.

Maxwell House, City Beach, 1967. Good, to the last drop.

Balcatta. Home to lighting outlets, tool hire establishments, and well, not much else. Tucked behind a bland Balcatta wall, blocking almost the entire house from the street, is this example of a more compact Iwanoff. Entry way stacked brick treatment is yet another example of Amzotion influence. Piccini House, Balcatta, 1968.

When your local strip is an Iwanoff, your suburb instantly becomes a lot cooler. This two building strip-shop/office complex in Shenton Park is one of two examples of Iwanoffs commercial work in this post. Shops, Medical Center, Shenton Park, 1968.

North Fremantle provides the other commercial premises example.  Although, I would be more than happy to residentialise this rather minimalist commerical box. Hi Fi Recording Studio, North Fremantle, 1968.

My kind of doorway.

Many more Iwanoff's to come...


rawlingi said...

Hey Nate, you are doing a great job hunting these places down. How have you found them all? I might be able to help putting names to houses and with some other places to follow up.
I’m pleased that you’re taking up the call to get them out of the ‘burbs and onto the screen. Keep it up.

Nate VL II said...

Thanks rawlingi. I have found them through intense research, and word of mouth. I would like, at the very least, to edit the posts so that the year built, and name, of every structure is listed. If you have any info, I will add it here, and trust me, I follow all leads! My email address is now available in my profile.

Jeremy said...

Great photos & subject matter - and top work in putting them up for all to see .
Could you please put up the address for the middle Iwanhoff house - the City Beach one with the conc block screens ?

many thanks.

N. said...

Thanks so much Jeremy.

I will soon be featuring an electronic map of all known Iwanoff's in Perth. Stay tuned.

jeremy said...

such a resource would be much welcomed and is long over due .

Anonymous said...

I lived in an Iwanoff for a while. One of the southernmost houses on Curitn Ave in Cottesloe.

Can I say I love the houses of Iwanoff, without being ridiculed?

I think it's a shame that the painted the City Beach house.


I used the eat my lunch at uni in the shadows of a memorial to Iwanoff.

N. said...

Hi WAtching - I have photos of the Curtin Ave house on this blog. Tell us about the interior!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful inbuilt Scandinavian cupdboards. Nooks and alcoves everywhere. Strange places to find yourself at strange times. Untold folies for the amusement of cats. Wonderful use of glass. Outdoor gardens which appear indoors. All rendered in a uniform grey- beautiful.


Rob said...

Hi N. Firstly - thank you so much for the amazing insight into Iwan Iwanoff and his creations. I live just around the corner from the Tombidis House and walked past it for the first time the other day. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I immediately came home and did some research and found your site. I had no idea how prolific and creative Iwan was. His work reminds me a little of my favourite architect - John Lautner but to have his work in little ole Perth where we can see them everyday is inspiring. Keep up the good work.
I don't know if it is an Iwanoff but there is another house near ours which illicits the same response from me. It's on Sydenham Road, Doubleview. I won't give the address but it's currently on the market for $3.3M. If only.

I saw on one of your posts that you were thinking of posting an electronic map of all of the Iwanoffs in Perth. Is that ready ? I wasn't able to find it in any posts. Thanks Again.

N. said...

Thanks for the kind words, Rob. Of course, I'm a huge Lautner fan as well! There is a great map to be found at : http://perthsbest.wordpress.com/

Tell them 6000times sent you ;)

David James said...

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