May 19, 2009

Perth - Isolated and Brutal

Perth's CBD is midway through a construction boom. City Square BHP Tower, 270 metres, expected to be completed sometime in 2012, will be the tallest office tower in Australia. Under construction on a tiger-snake infested swamp in the very heart of the CBD, the view from the top should be spectacular - a skyscraper or two, and half a million bungalows in every direction. The photo below is the rear of the construction site, at the back of St Georges Tce -  main street.

East Perth train station, East Perth. Perth's best transportation terminal interior. The exterior, is as brutal as they come. From here, you can catch trans-continental train 4352 kilometres, ending in Sydney. Yes, Perth is genuinely the most isolated mainland capital city on Earth. The nearest city is Melbourne, with Sydney being slightly further away. From there, the third closest city is not even on the same continent. 

More Perth brutalism. Perth CBD. I heard that Charles Landry was not a fan of Perth's brutalist structures. Whenever I think of Charles Landry, I always think of The Simpsons "monorail! monorail! MONORAIL!" episode. Note to Landry: you suck! 

South Bronx. No, Perth doesn't have ghettos. Perth CBD, May 2009. 


Matt Austen said...

Have you heard of Adelaide and Brisbane by any chance? :)

Nate VL II said...

Yes, but they are not really "cities".

Anonymous said...


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