June 24, 2013

Bularia: Not England, and Home to The World's Best Abandoned.... UFO

Anyone who has left a comment on this blog, knows that in 2013, I was hoping to be checking out abandoned Soviet-era architecture in Eastern Europe. Despite the metaphorical conveyor belt that seems to exist between Perth and London, the good news is, I have indeed been "stuck" in Eastern Europe for more than five months. Even better, for the price of leaving my car in the Luton Airport parking lot for a couple of hours, I can get a days worth of adventure in Bulgaria. Yes, Bulgaria. Birthplace of Iwan Iwanoff, and home to the most incredible abandoned structure anywhere on Earth.

What's with Airport parking anyway? It's not just England, or Perth, or Bulgaria for that matter. It's always expensive. There are exceptions, but, as I explored "Buzludzha" the now abandoned former Bulgarian Communist Party Headquarters, I couldn't help but feel a little distracted by all the times I've been stung by parking fees at airports.

Buzludzha is amazing, as you can see from the photos. Located in the geographic heart of Bulgaria (a long way from Perth, England, and pretty much everywhere else), the monument-slash-headquarters was only used for a few short years, before the end of communism in Bulgaria resulted in the building being left to decay.

The interior is covered extensively with mosaics, and is now in a state of advanced decay. Along with a small team, I explored the interior - from the depths of the basement, to the top of the 14 level tower. Buzluzha is quite simply the most spectacular abandoned structure that I know of. Although, Detroit is on the cards so we'll see what happens there. Unfortunately, England may also be on the cards again.

For the sake of continuity, I will say that I have been away from Perth for almost 11 months now.\



Ruby said...

I would have loved to see those mosaics at the height of their communist power.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you've visited my country of birth, even if its name is a bit evasive. The Buzludzha UFO is amazing, I've been there in its heyday in the mid 80s and still remember the angsty futuristic optimism...never mind.

Keep the pics coming,

Patsy said...

Jeez, that place is incredible. Well done for finding it and thanks for posting.

Shayne O said...

I miss the ridiculous applecross 'ufo' :(

Anonymous said...

Judging by the far-left mosaic face in the 2nd picture, this place is the headquarters of the autobots!

Pepe di KIGI said...

Your TITLE is misspelled: the country name is BulGaria, not just Bularia.
Your report is of amazing quality, THX, RGDS

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