September 17, 2013

Transnistria - Breakaway Territory in Eastern Europe - The Land That Doesn't Exist

Transnistria is wedged between the Republic of Moldova, and the Ukraine. Last week, I drove a car in, paid a few bribes to some guys in cool uniforms, and checked it out. I would take a wild guess and say not many people have heard of this place. There's not a lot of info about Transnistria on the internet, and what is available is mostly sensationalist and or inaccurate (VICE magazine, looking at you). Unfortunately, apart from a few photos, this post will do nothing to improving the worlds knowledge of Transnistria.

As anyone who has left a comment on this blog knows, I have had a fascination with Eastern Europe for some time. And Transnistria is about as Eastern Europe as you can get. Transnistria has nothing to do with Perth. Nothing I have done for 400+ days has anything to do with Perth. This blog has always been about Perth, but now, well, it's not. I've never done this blog for commerical reasons, it often hasn't made a lot of sense, and things aren't going to change anytime soon.

The overwhelming bulk of daily visitors to 6000times comes are people searching for either Iwan Iwanoff, or abandoned buildings. I know that most people find the article they were looking for, read it, and then never return. Apart from "Perth" there has never been any specific theme to this blog. So now, it's just going to continue on as a random collection of photos and words from me, probably forever. Today, it's Transnistria. Tomorrow, who knows.

In any case, whether this is your first time, or you're an old reader, I'd just like to say thanks for reading. A big shout out to those of you wasting time in the office. You should really send a link to this article to Dave down in accounts.

Then do a Wikipedia search on Transnistria, because I sure as fuck can't explain this place.



kateantonas said...

Thanks for writing!

kooky wild kitsch said...

These photos made my mind boggle...! Surely there are old greek men eating giant bunches of grapes on the streets of northbridge? Maybe not now... Perhaps in the 1950's there was!. I do love that you blog about Perth as I moved away from it and enjoy the odd read about whats happening/not happening there. But in all honesty.. I mainly wanna check out the iwanoff eye candy! Good post! Happy holidaying!

Pak Boim said...

nice picture

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