September 6, 2012

Sydney - Is This Australia's Greatest City? Update: Probably.

I left Perth. I've been gone six weeks so far. Today, I'm on the other side of Australia. In Sydney - Australia's only truly international city. Before I talk about Sydney, a summary of what's going on. I mentioned last post, that this blog has never been about me, it's always been about Perth. Well, that may need to change slightly. Since I'm not in Perth, for now. Maybe not for a while...

On July 30th this year, I left Perth, the city where I was born. Despite my love of Perth, I have a greater love - seeing the world. My number one hobby in life, is travel. In the last few weeks I've visited Melbourne, Auckland, Wellington, and now Sydney. As well as many lesser known towns in-between.In a few days time, I'll be off to Singapore, and then - places unknown.

My plan is to travel around the world. I'm looking forward to eating different foods, seeing the most brutal modernist architecture I can find, and taking photos of pretty much everything. I don't have much of an itinerary  - I'm winging it.Since I knew I would be gone for a while, I even looked into a home security system with Safemart. I'm in no hurry to get back. It's worked out pretty good for the first six weeks - I've seen everything from glaciers in New Zealand, to the Bondi Icebergs here in Sydney. Hence, the photo above.

Ahh Sydney. Comparable to Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro, in being amongst the worlds greatest cities-on-the-shore. Perth, being a beach city, has the potential to one day be compared to these alpha cities. But today, any comparison between Sydney to Perth just isn't appropriate.Sydney is triple the size of Perth. When Perth has 5 million people, then we can compare notes.

However, Auckland and Wellington are substantially smaller than Perth in population, and yet they both have an inner city/CBD that is very much more lively than Perth. Auckland in particular, is more multi-cultural, has a greater variety of restaurants (for all budgets), and more people on the streets - notably, at night time. It's perplexing that even Wellington, a city around a quarter the size of Perth, is somehow busier at night. I'll leave it up to the town planners to explain that one.

I'm not entirely sure what direction this blog can take, with me not being in Perth. I'll just have to figure it out on the fly - much like my travel plans. For now, I'll write the occasional article, and no doubt, reminisce about home.

That I have left Perth, says far more about myself, than it does about our fine city.

I've got a bad case of the travel bug.

Always have.

I could have grown up in a graffiti covered Iwan Iwanoff house with a chicken rice stand out the front, and I would still be wondering what was around the next corner.

And, the next.

I may have grown up in the 'burbs of Perth, but I'm about to find out what's really on the other side.



Jane said...

Post more often, yes? Yes please.

N. said...

Hi Jane, I will try to post more often.

olde boots said...

I second that! More nice photos, please!


Leigh said...

"...seeing the most brutal modernist architecture I can find"

Get yerself to Chandigarh. Really.


N. said...

Cheers olde boots..and Leigh, I want to!

FDB said...

ive only just today stumbled upon your blog here and ive been going through the backlog of posts, i love it. its nice to see there are like minded people from perth keep it up cant wait to see more posts from your travela

nev il-pinto said...


Sydney has been Australia's greatest city since i moved here 10 years ago


ps. i just saw what they did to the hyde park, im so outraged im telling everyone i come across

N. said...

Hey Nev! What a spin out hearing from you.

Hope life is good for you mate, and yes, the Hydey has been royally fucked.

Have a good one, take care.

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