September 30, 2012

Luxury Travel Blogging

My distance from Perth grows greater - geographically  and within my own mind. The 6000TIMES blog, is being forced to grow equally further from Perth. I have little choice now, but to blog about things other than Perth. It won't be a "travel" blog - I'm not going to pigeon-hole what I will write about here. And if it were to become a "travel blog", it would be a lot close to budget than to luxury. It may even be anti-luxury. One thing I can guarantee, it won't be a "mommy blog". Yes, that's a real thing.

As I explore the great unknown, there isn't much point in writing here about "this thing is better than Perth, that thing is worse than Perth". Or, even writing about things I am seeing on this holiday that Perth could benefit from. Such as public transport. Or relaxed liquor licensing laws. Or - I know this is shocking - people selling food IN THE STREET. Simply put, some aspects of Perth are great, some are terrible. All cities are like that. So, luxury holiday blog it will be. Only joking. I've decided I'll collect stories articles and photos that I find interesting as I travel around the world, and occasionally put them here. There will be no fixed schedule to this blog, and definitely-no-schedule to my definitely-not-luxury holiday.

One of the little photographic projects I am going to work on, is photographing people on the streets all over the world. In the last few months, I have covered Perth, Hong Kong, Melbourne (Footscray - just to continue the luxury theme), Auckland, Sydney, Singapore, and now Kuala Lumpur - where I've been based for the last two weeks. I thought I'd start with Singapore on 6000TIMES. All the photos you see here were taken on the mean streets of the Perth-of-Asia. I guess there is a little Perth theme to this post. At this rate, I'll be unfairly comparing foreign cities to Perth in no time.

I'm on the road, for at least a year all up. This week, in four days time, I am heading to Iran. The flight will take me directly from Kuala Lumpur, into the largest city of Iran - Tehran - a city with a population of around 14 million. I can be fairly certain in saying there won't be any 6000TIMES posts for a few weeks at least. It's not that 6000TIMES has reached the censors of the Iranian government (yet), but, the platform that 6000TIMES run's on - Google's "blogger" - is well and truly off limits from within Iran. For now - I hope you enjoy the photos from the streets of Singapore.

I'll see you on the other side.


PS, if you want to follow along with this not luxury travel blog, there is only one good way to do it. I don't have a 6000TIMES Facebook, and never will. Nor is there a 6000TIMES twitter. Remember email? How cool it is, when you're sitting at work, and in pops some high-qualiy time wasting goodness... get this sent straight to your inbox  at least a couple of times a year, by entering your address here. No spam, ever. I don't even look at the addresses, it's all automated. One-click un-subscribe. I promise.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm, not really big on subscribing to things, and usually enjoy the surprise when I check this blog sporadically, bored at work, and find something new. But when you put it like that.......

Enjoy your travels!

Caz said...

Thanks, I just spent a very enjoyable 2 hours browsing your blog. Not a first time visit but not been back in a while. I didn't look at your Iwan Iwanoff posts before and when I did I instantly recognised a house I used to drive past in Floreat (turns out to be Schenberg house) and admire as something special, now I know why. I've often noticed these angular flat roofed houses that dot Perth's Northern Suburbs but didn't realise a single architect was responsible. Arriving in Perth from England in the late 70's I thought it was some local design fad (like "Spanish Mission" but way more stylish). Now I know :)

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