July 26, 2012

Perth Street Photography - Photos From The Mean Streets

Perth Street Photography - Photos From The Mean Streets ...of Perth

This is a departure from the standard post. Not that there has ever been any kind of "standard" post on 6000TIMES. Street photography is one of my hobbies. In between eating chicken rice, checking out graffiti, exploring abandoned buildings, or drooling over mid-century architecture, you could find me out on the streets of Northbridge, capturing the people that make up this city. It makes for some interesting interactions.

6000TIMES has been live since April 2009 - more than three years now. 

Statistically, if you're reading this article, there's about an 80% chance you are reading it in Perth. If you fall into the other 20%, you've probably lived in Perth at some stage in your life, or maybe you're planning on moving here. At the very least, there is something about Perth that you were trying to get some info on, and you ended up here. The point being, this blog has never been about me - it has always been about Perth. 

However, in the three years that 6000TIMES has been alive, not once have I made a post that shows the about the people of Perth. For more than three years, this site has been architecture, abandoned buildings, graffiti, food, and the occasional "opinion piece", AKA rant. 

This, is the post that completes the puzzle. 

Photos of people, taken on the streets of Perth.

I don't know any of the people in these photos.

I just take photos of people on the streets.

They're all strangers, in a strange city. 

A unique city.

A truly great city.

I've never mentioned this, but I'm addicted to travel. Since starting this blog three years ago, I have travelled to more than 25 countries. Those countries didn't get their own posts (apart from one or maybe two exceptions), because, well, this blog has never been about me, nor about the rest of the world.

This blog has always been about - Perth.

I don't think I've ever thanked all of  the people who have followed along with 6000TIMES so far. This site is rapidly heading towards a million visitors over the last three years, and continues to get hundreds, sometimes thousands of page views, on a daily basis. It truly is remarkable to me. So - thanks. Really, I appreciate the support. Some of you have been around since the first post, and that's amazing to me.
There are some new plans afoot for 6000TIMES, so stay tuned. 

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Ruby said...

Great post. I look at these and think 'That's the Perth I know and love.'

Quartz said...

Great stuff. Uncertain old lady is my favourite :)

Steve said...

The expressions on peoples faces when you take a photo of them is priceless. I stumbled across a show on ABC last night called Photo Finish. they had to capture the people within an area just like you have done here. Although they only had a camera phone to do so. Any one of your pictures would have won the challenge. Good luck on your travels!

N. said...

Thanks Ruby, Steve, and Quartz, for your really kind comments. N.

Jasmine said...

I think I love you, how do I join the email list?

PS. I went to school with the gal in the 2nd photo from the top. Tiny Town.

Chris said...

Hi Nate,
I've followed your blog for quite some time as I've always had an interest in urban decay (primarily anything abandoned).
I've done some exploring myself and I'm considering making contact with MRA who are redeveloping the East Perth Power Station about maybe gaining access.
I was wondering if you would be interested in joining me if it were possible?
I'm nervous about approaching them with work so it would be nice to go with an accomplished photographer, besides which it would be great meeting you.
I'd rather not post my email publicly so is there a way of contacting you where I can show you the proposal and some related work of my own? cant access your Blogger details.
No pressure.

N. said...

Jasmin - thanks, it's great to be loved. Just pop your email address in to the box, it's easy.

Chris - sorry mate, I am out of the country for a little while, exploring abandoned buildings around the world. Good luck with your adventures.


Anonymous said...


Very Interesting and satirical little blog you have!

I am especially interested in the abandoned building photography.

As a few have questioned before, how do u gain access to the abondoned buildings??

I have accessed a few of these and generally it was done for a uni project and required permisson.

keep it up


Luke said...


I stumbled onto your website about 4 months ago when looking into how to open a bar in perth, great article you had. I shared it to a lot of friends who needed the insight.

Right now I am in the process of organising an event called ArtBattles here in Perth. At this stage we are gathering artists from all walks of life and various mediums.

I'm guessing you know of a few underground artists who may wish to get involved.

Feel free to check out our application details at www.facebook.com/ArtBattlePerth and pass it on to who ever you like.

Please note that we are still working on allowing spray cans to be allowed in our venue (extractions/laws and what not) so to avoid disappointment, notify that this is not a graff battle but a battle between all mediums and changing style may be necessary to advance to the next round.



Emma said...

You've captured some of Perth's beauty right here. I love your pics and the way you write... looking forward to seeing what's next. Thanks.

Molley said...

Dude make a tumblr account! Tumblr gets a lot of flack for being ruled by hipsters & stuff but there are some amazing photographers on there & you're an amazing photographer! Please do, there's nothing to lose, and I would follow you & share your blog to all my mates who I know would be interested because I've shown them this blog & they loved it. Whether you do or you don't I love your work, hope you stick to it (:

N. said...

Hey Molley...thanks, but I just don't have the time to do another blog, even a simple one like tumblr. Really appreciate the compliments, you're very kind.

Anonymous said...


I am the girl in the second photo of Perth Street Photography - Photos From The Mean Streets.

At no stage was my permission asked either to take my photo (as you can clearly see on my face I am rather shocked) or to post my photo on this website.

This was and is a complete invasion of my privacy and I would appreciate if you remove my photo immediately.

I trust that the next time I view this site my picture will be removed. Thanking you in advance.

N. said...

I would be happy to do so, but how do I know you are who you say you are?

aaronv2 said...

I have been following your blog for a while and was delighted to see some street photography on the blog. I have been shooting street photography in Perth for a few years and I would really like to shoot the streets with you.

I have a gallery of my images you can see here on facebook. (http://on.fb.me/TEaLVi)

Also I dabble in urban exploration nothing on your level of dedication but on my facebook is a small urban exploration gallery (http://on.fb.me/VpMmlu)

N. said...

Cheers mate. I have now left Perth, and may not be back for a while. I'm exploring the world, and taking street photos in every country.I checked your FB, nice work, keep going with it!

Simon said...

A friend was on your blog and passed it on to me because you took a photo of my brothers and i!
Not even sure when this was taken but it's dope!

N. said...

Thanks Simon, glad you enjoyed it. It would have been taken around June 2012. Later.

Unknown said...

Hi, I love your work. I've ended up back at your blog, several times. I have wanted to give it ago, It looks like so much fun though I'm nervous that someone might get cranky that I'm taking photos, have you ever come across that? do you ask when you take photos?

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