November 15, 2009

Perth : Abandoned Old Treasury Building, St Georges Terrace - Photo Tour

Old Treasury Building, Perth. Built 1874. Abandoned, finally, in 1996. Perth's first ever Government office complex. Victorian Second Empire and Federation Free Classical style, designed by state governement architects GT Poole and RR Jewell. Over the last decade or so, the building has been left derelict. Amazing design, ground zero location. When distances are measured from Perth to anywhere, this is the starting point they are measured from. Perth to Hong Kong - 6012 km's (the official Hong Kong marker being Larry Wong's Chinese Laundry and Dry Cleaning, on Wan Chai Road).  At this time, it is looking likely that the old treasury building will be transformed into a new five star hotel. For now, it remains empty. Enjoy the (extensive) set of photos of perhaps Perth's finest abandoned building - Ye Remarkable Old Abandoned Perth Treasury Building.

Also, this is important. Cocktails and Mexican food are at stake. If you are interested in improving your skills with the camera, I should point out that I have a secret weapon. I talk all about it here. Cheers.

November 13, 2009

Perth : No Place for Metrosexuals

I was just reading about Dorcia Fridays "no metrosexual attire" policy. Amusing for sure, and I see where they are coming from, but it does put the promoters into the same class as every other night club with a dress code. Dress codes are a remnant from the 1980's. Bunbury has dress codes. Kalgoorlie has dress codes. Rockingham has dress codes. Night clubs that have dress codes, are, usually, full of douche bags.

November 9, 2009

Perth : Skyscrapers, Abandoned Railway Tunnel, Iwan Iwanoff Update

Perth remains a construction site. The view is changing every day. 140 William is looking amazing, I am looking forward to the street level connections. This city  is adding buildings at a faster rate than ever before. In the burbs, at ground level, a small Iwan Iwanoff update. Golovin House, 1959, has had a 2009 makeover, and is looking more and more like my lotto dream every day.

November 4, 2009

Perth - Is It Time Yet?

Perth has given me a strange feeling lately. Its telling me - move on. Weird, because I love this city. I feel at home here. I'm always busy. Checked out Martin's "Territory Twelve" exhibition at Kurb Gallery, fantastic. Checked out Ben and Si's as well, at Turner - amazing. I watched the Pyrophone Juggernaut at the Northbridge Piazza opening, a musical instrument spewing fire-balls and beats into the warm Perth air. Went to see the huge travelling jade Buddha at the museum, very peaceful. Had a bunch of friends around for a pretty typical Perth night-in - beer, cocktails, and pizzas. A random lady pulled her pants down and urinated at my front gate, but thats just part of living in the city (I tried to get a photo for this blog, but wasn't quick enough). The one night boredom came to town last week, I roamed the city late at night taking most of the photos on this page.