November 9, 2009

Perth : Skyscrapers, Abandoned Railway Tunnel, Iwan Iwanoff Update

Perth remains a construction site. The view is changing every day. 140 William is looking amazing, I am looking forward to the street level connections. This city  is adding buildings at a faster rate than ever before. In the burbs, at ground level, a small Iwan Iwanoff update. Golovin House, 1959, has had a 2009 makeover, and is looking more and more like my lotto dream every day.

Bishops See, with Harry Seidler's QV1, and Woodside Plaza in the reflection. One of the best towers to be recently completed in Perth. Imposing beyond its modest height.
Art Deco on Sherwood. Lawson Apartments. Formerly Lawson Flats.
Westpac, mid face-lift. St Martins Tower, 1978, background.
The intersection below is looking very modern, very Perth. Left to right: QV1 (1991), Woodside Plaza (2003), Governer Stirling Tower (1978), and Bishops See (2008). Spanning thirty years of design, the four towers here compliment one another well.
Photo's from John Forrest National park.
Woodside Plaza foreground, Bishops See background.
QV1, Harry Seidler, as viewed from the North. Melbourne Hotel in the foreground. Previously mentioned on this blog as former home to "The Firm".
Exchange Plaza, Peddle Thorp, and Walker, 1992.
William Street, Northbridge.Welcome Inn Tea House, vintage V8 Ford Fairlane in foreground.
William Street, Northbridge. Kangaroo Chicken.
Abandoned railway tunnel in John Forrest National Park, constructed in 1895.


Rich said...

Living and working in the city, walking into work every day, it's just great the amount of buildings in progress i get to squiz. You're right, 140 is looking nuts.

Welcome Inn - great yum char.

N. said...

Yeah Rich - but be quiet about Welcome Inn - its the best...

Anonymous said...

apparently 140 is showing cracks in its foundations.

Anonymous said...

I've just spent way too much time on your site but must ask your opinion of this building:

The John Forrest Railway tunnel is an interesting case in our history - it wasn't built out of need but for grandeur in that Perth needed a tunnel as part of its reputation. I spent a while reporting on it back in second year engineering. It was abandoned and replaced by the cutting due to gradient.


N. said...

Hi Russell, glad you're enjoying the site. The building you pointed out is one of my favourites, I can't take my eyes off it whenever I'm in the area. Also, thanks for the info regarding the tunnel, interesting!

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