July 5, 2009

Perth in 3D - Rooftop Views - Northbridge Link

If there's one thing that beats an abandoned building, its a rooftop. Perth put on a trademark winter sunset on Friday evening. Fortunately, that was the day after I had figured out how to get onto the roof of a Perth tower. From this angle, it is clear that Perth is finally moving away from the St Georges Terrace 2D spine, and into the realms of 3D. William St is at the forefront of this expansion North.

The train-line is a harsh divider, limiting not only the expansion of the city core North (towards the right in this photo), but also restricting the movement of people, the lifeblood of the city. Do humans respond to the topological aesthetics of a skyline? Strangely enough, much like a tropical rain-forest, once the city canopy extends above, life will naturally follow and grow below. The Northbridge Link plants the seeds for the extension of our CBD forest.

If you want to see the real version of the photo below, click this link.


gobeirne said...

Fantastic photo! :)

Jess said...

How did you manage to get onto the rooftop? And which building is it? Stunning view! :)

N. said...

Western Power building, and it's a secret ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey! how did you manage to get on the rooftop? Im trying to look for a great rooftop for a photoshoot.

Anonymous said...

HOW DO YOU GET UP THERE!!!! i want to take my girlfriend on there for a good night

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