June 3, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Buildings Part 3 (teaser)

Perth tries to make sure it has at least one of everything. One tunnel. One stadium.  One main street. Our fast growing population is relatively small (1.6 million, of which 27 currently live in the CBD) - but we want, and normally manage to get, at least one of everything. Perth has another iconic singularity -  one abandoned educational campus, covering nearly 8 hectares, decaying in the middle of the city's northern burbs. The entire collection of buildings, camouflaged by bush-land, is barely visible from the roads surrounding it. Hello! Zombie film makers! Earmarked for demolition, this spectacular site is simply too good to be true. 

Campus in decay - part one (of one), soon.

(reminder - all photos linked to larger versions)


Anonymous said...

where is this one?

N. said...

Its from the same abandoned education facility, northern suburbs, Perth, as the next post. N.

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