June 19, 2009

Perth - Abandoned Buildings Part 4 - Northbridge - Perth's best neighbourhood

Northbridge is the most diverse and vibrant neighbourhood in the entire City of Perth. Everything it is lacking, is a good thing. Franchise fast-food outlets, and police presence, for example. Its Perth's most walkable neighborhood. You don't need a car - everything you desire is within a 5 minute walk. Yes, everything - from rice crackers to heroin. Fortunately, not having a car, you will come across sites like this one - formerly a luxury and imported car yard, it is now an abandoned collection of warehouses. Home to artists, junkies, and people generally just taking a nap before heading home from a hard night out on the sauce.

The Jaguar sign is still present. A German tourist is caught taking photo's. Adolf, 34, from Berlin, was very impressed with the skills of local "innenarchiteckts", or "interior designers".

CBD views. This should give locals an idea where this abandoned structure is. The "Northbridge Link", a project slated to cost hundreds of millions of dollars, will take place immediately in front of this building. Finally, the railway will be transformed to subway, and the City will rejoin Northbridge, making some kind of futuristic "super CBD".

Bonus artwork photo.


Anonymous said...

is this place still standing and if it is where in northbridge is it?

N. said...

This building is now well and truly gone (recently demolished). You can still see remnants of the artworks, look at the corner of Roe and Fitzgerald St, Northbridge.

Chris said...

I love your blog! I work in the Bankwest tower and to be honest, your brilliant writings are keeping me from getting much work done at all. For that, I thank you!

GM said...

Was this the old Elevation nightclub? I'm sure it is. I spent hours in there grooving to the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Carl Cox. It shut about 93, 94. Awesome site. Nice work

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