Want to take BETTER PHOTOS?

If you've been following 6000TIMES for any length of time, you will have realised that I don't do advertising. Hopefully, you've also noticed my photography has been constantly improving.

I'll let you into a secret - taking good photos is not as difficult as you think it is. I've had a secret weapon for a few years now, and it's time I shared it.

Shit. This sounds like a corny advert already, but it's not. Read on.

Even your favorite professional photographers are constantly pushing themselves to get grow artistically and improve at their craft. It’s that desire to improve that makes the best photographers stand out among the rest. Improving your photography is a constant learning process. And, it's not about your camera.

So, for the first time ever, I'm breaking my advertising rule.

Why? I constantly get asked questions about photography. What camera do you use? What lens?

It's not about having an expensive camera, it's about knowing how to use it.

"Getting Out of Auto" is a book geared towards the relative beginner whos' just bought a fancy DSLR camera, as well as those who want to get the most out of their point-and-shoot compact cameras.

With simple explanations for everything important feature you need to know, you can break free from the auto settings on your camera and truly learn how to get the most out of your camera. You will be getting memorable and share-worthy photos of cool mid-century architecture, dark abandoned building interiors, and glistening plates of chicken rice, in no time.

The book is great value. I would call it cheap. For this kind of money in Perth, you would be lucky to get a couple of pints. In Thailand, it would get you ANYTHING. Yes, ANY, THING. But hey, that's a story for another day.

You've got the camera, you have the desire to take better photos, try this book. It comes with the 6000TIMES gold star recommendation (it's the ONLY book with this esteemed recommendation).

Fun fact: In Canada, where Bethany Salvon, the accomplished photographer, friend, and author from BeersAndBeans.com is from, uses the proceeds from each book sold to buy a pint of CC and a Beaver Burger on Rye. So, help feed her. I should also mention, Bethany has her BFA in photography, along with a nearly decade long career as a professional photographer, and she also blogs at the always entertaining BeersAndBeans.com.

Here at 6000TIMES, I am genuinely proud to offer my first ebook for the budding photographer. 

Yes, I get a small cut of each book sold. How much? Well...

I've worked it out, if I sell 678 books, I could afford to eat at La Cholita in Northbridge, and have a cocktail as well!

If you're interested in rapidly improving your photography, check out --->  click here and never look back.

You'll receive the book instantly, and I guarantee you'll be itching to get out and take photos, today.

*UPDATE 21st AUGUST 2013 - Bethany from Beers and Beans, the author of this great book, has told me the price will be doubling later this week. So, if you want it, get it now. 

Not convinced? Want a sneak peak/table of contents? OK, here it is:

Introducing your new best friends:
Aperture – Taking the F word out of F-stop
Shutter Speed – The curtains on your camera
ISO – The cornerstone of any great friendship
Exposure Made Easy
A simple guarantee to make it all click.

Rule of Thirds
Additional Techniques
Artistic Techniques
Depth of Field
The Power of the Self Timer

White Balance
In Camera Metering
Shooting in Sunlight
Shooting into the sun Sun Flare Fill Flash Silhouettes
Avoiding Sun – Get some Shade!
Shooting on Stormy, Cloudy Days
Using the Elements
Staying Indoors
Color vs. Black & White
Alternate Light

Avoiding Camera Shake
How to Shoot Food
How to Shoot HDR Photos
Raw vs. JPEG
BW as a way to study light, shadow and composition
Paper Cut Out Composition Extraordinaire
The Power of the Crop
The Amazing L’s
Exposure Cheat Sheet
Composition Cut Out
Cropping Cut Out

No matter what camera you use, this book will really help you get the most out of it.

Another secret - I have never had any formal photography training. For me, the best combination for learning about taking great photos is a simple but comprehensive ebook, a few tips from people more experienced than myself, and the desire to just get out there and shoot.

Click here, for more info, and to purchase the ebook. It's delivered to you instantly.