October 26, 2009

Perth - Nasty Nas Spotted on Aberdeen St, Construction Update, more CBD Laneways

The rise of Northbridge, Perth's best suburb, continues. Not too many places in the world you can enjoy a bowl of chilli mussels, and watch american lyricist and actor, Nas. Having been a fan of Nas since his Live at the BBQ days, it was always my dream to sit in an Italian restaurant on Aberdeen Street, eat chilli mussels, and watch a delivery of raw poetry from one of the most intelligent and influential hip hop artists of all time.

Obligatory backstage "heavy" was in attendance, from Queensbridge to Northbridge. With Central Park in the background, is this coincidence, or destiny? The photo below was taken right from the table. The live band bought the funk. Nas, well, when he was twelve, he went to hell for snuffin Jesus. Dream complete.
Meanwhile, on the good side of the tracks, construction is progressing on three of Perth's new buildings. Raine Square (Bankwest House), due for completion early next year, is nearing its planned height of 106 metres.

140 William, the best looking building to go up in Perth since the dark and sinister Bishops See, is also not far from topping out. Geometry, glass louvres, and laser cut mesh. Looking incredible already.
Together, these buildings are changing the face of the city, particularly from the North. William Street, Perth's best street, now has an amazing CBD entry statement. Of course, the BHP tower, currently up to about level 16, is the largest of all projects currently underway. Skyline disrupter in progress.
At ground level, there are still plenty of great laneways, each one slowly sprouting a small bar. It's currently tipping point in small-bar-land. Right now, there are enough to suit nearly anyones taste or budget. With more small bars infiltrating lane-ways soon, the amount of Perth people using "Melbourne" in a sentence has also reached tipping point.

A quick note about the change of name for this site. Simply, its easier to remember www.6000times.com, than the old address. Perth6000.com was taken, so, well, 6000times.com, there you have it. Any comments, fire away...and please, excuse my lack of Asian innuendo this week. I do have one more Hong Kong post to come, where we all discover that yellow fever is not a strictly male phenomenon. Stay tuned..

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Matt said...

The third last picture looks like the end of this twisty little lane that carries on from the south of Grand Theatre Lane.

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